Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Saturday - September 5th

Not too many in the Barrow Hill Soul Club, seems like most of the other soul nights had the same problem. Probably due to the end of the school holidays and lots of the regulars being away. Anyway we still had a wonderful night with the music being spot on from all the dj's. Thank you to guest dj Andy Jones making his first appearance at Barrow Hill, he didn't disappoint. Looking forward to having him back at some stage. I thoroughly enjoyed the night and had plenty of dances. Our next night October 3rd is Keith's 40th birthday party. This being a free night and open invitation. See you all there!

Saturday, 5 September 2009

See you all tonight!

Another month passes and it's Barrow Hill again tonight. Guest dj Andy Jones joins the line up with regular dj's Stuart Bower and Keith Manlove. Looking forward to lots of dances with plenty of across the board soul. Lets keep the dance floor buzzing!

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